The year 2020 has been known as a year of anxiety because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the election, and the racial justice and police violence issues. This left many Americans on edge in regards to their lives and the country as a whole. Remedy Review took a look at the statistics of the anxiety Americans are going through right now and studied how politics and this pandemic have caused widespread anxiety today.

American Stressors of 2020

There have been many Americans who have seen the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on their friends, family members, and coworkers. Politics have been leading to arguments with people living under the same roof or even on social media. Some reached their breaking point after the death of George Floyd and other black Americans. A lot of cities were home to marches with nonstop protests occurring. Many agreed with the goals of the protestors and their First Amendment rights while others view those actions as disrespectful to law enforcement officers. With the added stressors of economic hardships or health problems, we have been struggling more so than ever with our anxiety. 

Pandemic Stress

Eighty-seven percent of Democrats and 66% of Republicans were worried because they did not feel like others were taking this pandemic seriously. Also, 86% of Democrats and 75% of Republicans felt like people were quick to return to their habits as if this pandemic is over. More than half of Americans want information about how to stay safe as this pandemic continues. Recommendations have to be constantly updated as there is always new information about this virus that has personally affected so many.

Political Stress

It was discovered that 60% of adults say police violence toward people of color is a big stressor. The American Journal of Public Health saw that the community at large has experienced reactions such as stress and suicidal thoughts or tendencies. Almost two-thirds of Americans have said they are not coping well with the government responses to the demonstrations. Some believe the police are not protecting protesters while others approve of police intervention. The country has been divided on what is considered right or wrong which is leading to stressful fallouts and disagreements. One certain thing is the need to seek treatment for anxiety to ensure you get through the months forward with ease.

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