Because of the growing legalization of marijuana around the country, changes are starting to be made in certain industries, starting with Major League Baseball. Opioid use in the MLB was made aware after Tyler Skaggs died in July after overdosing on a mix of alcohol, fentanyl and oxycodone. With the MLB making changes in response to the opioid crisis, this may inspire more industries to do the same. 

MLB’s New Policy on Marijuana

The MLB removed marijuana from its list of “drugs of abuse.” Normally, marijuana offenses could lead to being charged $35,000 fine per violation. New changes will now treat marijuana offenses the same as alcohol-related offenses. Now, players who test positive for marijuana will now have a mandatory evaluation and the option of receiving treatment. The commissioner’s office and teams can also discipline the player about certain conduct they are to follow. Minor leagues will also be dealing with these changes since they would previously face suspensions if they tested positive for marijuana on one or two more occasions.

MLB’s New Policy on Opioids

Another big change is that there will be more rigorous testing for opioids which were not considered as big a focus compared to performance-enhancing drugs. This is to ensure that more players get the help they need. When one player is dealing with opioid addiction, it affects the whole team. 

Under the new Joint Drug Program guidelines, players will now be tested for opioids, fentanyl, cocaine, and synthetic THC. Those who test positive will be referred to a treatment board. Any player who does not cooperate with the treatment board will face discipline. The MLB will also have educational programs for players that talk about the dangers of opioid pain medication and “practical approaches to marijuana.” The hopes for these changes is to raise public awareness of the risks and dangers of opioids and to make a positive contribution to this ongoing crisis. 

It used to be that players cheating their performance with steroids was the biggest threat in the world of sports. Now, the sports world is made more aware because of Skagg’s death about how tragic it is to lose a player to opioids. Overdosing should not be a reality with treatment options around you. By providing more drug tests, treatment options, and educational programs to baseball players, more overdoses can be prevented and other businesses will be inspired to follow suit.  

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