You may think that saving your binge drinking for the weekends does not mean that you have a drinking problem. While it may seem like you have it together during the weekends, your drinking habits may be getting out of hand during this time that can lead to high-functioning alcoholism. By noticing how your drinking habits are during the weekend, you will know whether this is serious enough to seek treatment for alcoholism.

Lying About Your Drinking

You may be lying to your loved ones when you come home tipsy. When they ask you how much, do you tell them the whole truth? If you are lying to them, that can present itself as a problem. You could be telling your loved ones that you hardly drank anything or that you do not drink too often during the week. If you felt like you were drinking a small amount, you would not feel the need to lie to anyone. 


Constant blackouts mean that you are drinking more than you intended to. Because alcohol tends to affect the brain, it can mean that you may have trouble recalling memories if you drink too much. If it is too much of a pattern for you not to remember what happened the night after you drank alcohol, it shows that you have a problem. Having too many blackouts can lead to dangerous consequences down the road so it is best you speak to a mental health professional or a doctor about this.

Mind on Drinking

The weekend may be over and you are still thinking about your next drink. You think about the next occasion you will go to that will have alcohol, when you plan on getting it, how much, etc. The mind of an alcoholic will tell that person that they should be drinking even if they have no access to it. You could be thinking about the good times you had when you were drinking which will make you look forward to future drinking events.

Sticking to Weekend Ritual

People with a drinking problem tend to repeat the same behaviors. Someone with high-functioning alcoholism will make rules about their drinking like only on the weekends or after work. Stopping by a liquor store or a bar after the week is over is a pattern. Noticing a dangerous pattern in your drinking should encourage you to seek help for it.


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