The road to recovering from alcoholism is long and challenging. It always helps to receive encouragement from people who have been in your shoes before or people who have had challenges to overcome as well. By collecting the quotes of motivational people, you will be able to brave through your recovery easier.

“If You Quit for a Day, You Can Quit for a Lifetime” – Benjamin Alire Sáenz

Starting anything new can be challenging at first. It has normally been a routine for you to drink and treatment forces you to stop. If you are getting started on your recovery, you are already accomplishing the first step in getting better. Take it day by day without alcohol and this will become your new normal. If you remain sober for a day or two, you can keep going. 

“Success is the Sum of Small Efforts, Repeated Day In and Day Out” – Robert Collier

Being successful in recovery does not mean that you are fully better in one day. This journey will take time. It is about taking small steps to accomplish your goal. This can mean that one day, you avoid taking routes that lead you to bars. Another day, it can mean attending a 12 step meeting. The more small efforts you make into your goal of sobriety, you will get closer and closer to accomplishing your goal.

“The Most Common Way People Give Up Their Power is by Thinking They Don’t Have Any” – Alice Walker

When you have a drinking problem, you feel powerless against alcohol. You need to know that you have all of the power to stop yourself from a bad habit. In order to take that power back, you need to acknowledge that you have power. You have the power to live the life you want and alcohol cannot take that away from you. 

“Your Addiction is Not You, But it Feels Like You Because You’ve Spent So Much Intimate Time Together” – Toni Sorenson

You feel like your addiction is part of you because of how long you have had a drinking problem. When you see your sober self, you may not recognize yourself because you are used to seeing yourself unhealthy. Remember that the next time you look in that mirror you will see a healthier, better looking you. These motivational quotes will pick you up and allow you to brave through your recovery.

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