The support we receive while in recovery can make an incredible influence on the way we push forward. Friends, family and peers in our treatment program can motivate us to carry out recovery-related activities even on days we don’t feel like it – and these same groups can cheer us on as we navigate the road to sobriety. With technological advances being made in the realm of healthcare, however, more and more opportunities are presenting themselves to provide open platforms for those in recovery to connect with others online. Those who haven’t tried this support modality may be a bit skeptical – and while face-to-face support is crucial for recovery success, online support could potentially be an added component of healing for someone who wants to build meaningful connections with people who support sobriety.

A 2017 study published in the journal Social Science & Medicine assessed the survey results of 609 individuals in recovery from substance abuse; individuals who participated in Facebook groups geared towards recovery reported undergoing significant changes since beginning their group involvement. Yet another research study published in the journal Substance Abuse found that those who participated in online social groups experienced greater self-confidence in their recovery; there are quite a few benefits that members can derive from online support, such as:

  •    Becoming part of a larger community who understands addiction and recovery
  •    Connecting and building relationships with people who support sobriety
  •    Finding new perspectives for challenging situations by conversing with others and hearing their point of view
  •    And more

There are numerous apps now that support those working towards recovery, just as there are many websites that individuals can become a part of. For a person who’s already completed treatment or simply wants an additional form of support while they pursue sobriety, online modalities could be an effective option.

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