When you are starting out in recovery from addiction, you may need to learn some new healthy habits that can curb your addiction. When you are learning new ways to approach life, you might benefit from having a structure to build your new routine; you need time to learn new habits. While in treatment, you might be required to follow a strict routine to help you acclimate to the change in your lifestyle.

Addiction can affect your routine and your body’s natural cycles. You may experience sleep disturbances while using drugs or alcohol. You might experience disruptions to your appetite. Both binge-eating and undereating can occur while in the throes of addiction. During treatment, your body needs to learn to find a new and healthier way of living. Recovery can be seen as replacing your unhealthy habits with healthy ones.

The structure and routine can vary from program to program; however, you might be more successful in a program with a routine. You might feel confined by a strict routine. Routines can ultimately help you find success upon leaving your program. Learning new habits takes both time and consistency. When you are in a program with expectations of structure and routine, you get both time and consistency. 

Habits can be healthy or unhealthy. Either way, once a habit is formed, we have difficulty breaking it. Set yourself up for success and follow a strict routine to bring some unbreakable healthy habits into your life!

Building new habits can take time and consistency. While in treatment, you may be under a strict routine and structure. The structure will help you build healthy habits and reset your body’s natural cycles. You may have been engaged in other unhealthy activities while you were addicted; you may have been sleeping irregularly or not eating properly. When you are in recovery, you are learning new habits to replace old ones. You are replacing unhealthy habits with healthy ones. When you have a routine, you can more easily adapt to new habits that will remain with you for the long-term. Building new habits can be difficult; however, you do not need to be alone. Alta Loma in Georgetown, Texas, offers a structured environment for your recovery. We believe that having a routine can help you cultivate the healthy habits needed for a happy life. Call us today at (866) 457-3843 for more information.