According to a June 2020 study conducted by the American Psychological Association, approximately 83% of Americans find the future of the nation to be a significant source of stress. Today’s political climate is tense, and the entire country is susceptible to mounting anxiety caused by constant exposure to local, national, and global politics.

How Does the Current Political Climate Cause Stress?

The results of the most recent APA study show an increased stress response from 2019, in which 66% of the population regarded the nation’s future as a source of stress. The current situation is unique, and the outcomes of upcoming elections, world events, and court rulings are uncertain.

This state of confusion or fear of the unknown is compounded by an unending barrage of media coverage. The news cycle runs every hour of every day on multiple outlets, and escape from the endless reports and articles can be difficult.

High levels of stress can manifest in physical conditions, like insomnia or migraines, and mental health conditions, like depression or anxiety. When the source of stress seems inescapable, the effects can worsen. Attempts to self-medicate symptoms of these disorders with drugs or alcohol can lead to a substance-use disorder.

If you are feeling the negative effects of high-stress levels caused by the political climate, try to step away from the news and relevant conversation. Stepping away from politics doesn’t mean that you don’t care, but it does mean that you practice self-awareness and caring for yourself before others.

By keeping yourself healthy, you will be able to promote the political goals of candidates and groups that you support

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