Choosing a treatment center is very important. All of them are built differently and they all treat different disorders. Before it is time to admit yourself to a treatment center, it is important to think of some questions to ask yourself and the treatment center when you do your research so that you go to one that will ensure you will have a successful recovery.

What Kind of Counseling or Therapy is Practiced?

There are different methods of behavioral therapy to change attitudes and thoughts over drugs, to help increase healthy lifestyles, and to help with other forms of treatment. There are treatments that have motivational therapy, family therapy, or cognitive behavioral therapy. It is important that wherever you go has therapy and meetings with peer groups to be around those going through the same journey. It is also important to make sure that the treatment center you pick treats the whole person in that addiction is a symptom of untreated mental illness. Addiction, as well as mental illness symptoms, need to be treated.

Can Family Participate in Treatment?

It is important to have your family there for you to help you through this. Family therapy sessions can include a close friend, brother, sister, girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, parent, or adult child. There are also centers that have family education weekends to educate families on addiction and mental illness as well as meeting others going through the same experience. You can generate support through these weekends as well as pick up new recovery resources.

Is There a Religious or Spiritual Therapy Component?

Some people prefer to go to a treatment center based on the religion they practice. Then, there are others who may not be so religious but want a connection towards spirituality. This should be something to look into early on. There are other treatment centers that rely only on the 12-Step philosophy of connecting with a Higher Power. If this is something important to you, it can help you reach a decision.

Is This a Short or Long-Term Program?

You will initially be given the highest level of care. Eventually, those services are scaled back to help you transition back to the real-world community like housing, employment, education, or vocational training. By making sure these questions are answered before committing yourself to a particular treatment center, you will know if this center will fit your needs and save your life.

Located in Georgetown, Texas, Alma Loma is a transformative living center to help those struggling in early recovery to transition out of our Psychiatric and Substance Abuse residential center. Alma Loma believes that addiction is born from an untreated mental illness in which our facility is willing to help you. Our facility offers residency, medication management education, individualized treatment, life skills education, 12-step support, and more tools to bring patients the confidence to be able to live an independent life. For more information, please call us at 866-457-3843.