People tend to think depression means someone who is always crying and looks upset for the whole world to see. The truth is that depression comes in varying degrees, and you might not be able to see it in someone, such as if someone were to post endless selfies on Instagram to hide their depression. By knowing the other indicators of depression and being sure that is what you have, you will know whether or not to go into treatment.

A Drastic Change in Appetite

People with depression either eat more than usual or have no appetite at all. This can be a hard symptom to overlook since we live in a culture that values diet and feels they are doing well. However, diet changes can depend on the person as our eating styles are based on our emotions and coping mechanisms. If you have a depletion in serotonin levels, you may be more inclined to seek comfort in food as you feel it is the only thing you have control over.

A Drastic Change in Social Habits

Another sign of depression is when someone with depression withdraws from the peers they usually see. This may be a hard symptom to notice during a pandemic when we are encouraged not to see too many people in person. This person may shut themselves away in their room or not take a person’s phone calls. There may also be a period where someone calls one particular person a lot then suddenly does not call that person anymore. It could mean that there is something deeper going on if there is no specific reason why you do not want to speak to anyone.

A Drastic Change in Self-Care Habits

Depression tends to take away the energy we used to have. In the past, we may have easily been able to comb our hair, take a shower, and pick out nice clothes to wear. With depression, you may not make too much of an effort to make yourself look nice because you no longer have the energy to do so. How a person looks says something about their mental state. That vivacious spirit is no longer there. If you or someone you know is exhibiting behavior that is not like themselves, it is time to consider treatment. Minor signs of depression could end up growing big later without any form of treatment.

Sometimes, the slightest changes in behavior can be a sign that your overall mental health is in danger. Depression does not simply mean showing sadness through tears, but through no longer having any energy to do the things you have normally done that have made you happy. At Alta Loma, we understand the subtle symptoms of depression and are here to help you get through them. Located in Georgetown, Texas, we have the tools you need to treat depression, such as individualized therapy, medication management, life coping skills education, and much more. Please call (866) 457-3843 for more information.