Managing money is challenging when you are in recovery. Trying to get your finances in order can trigger you to relapse to relieve the stress. Because money management is an essential life skill that cannot be ignored, learning how to budget, spend, and save responsibility can prevent your chances of relapsing.

Stay Away From Credit Cards

Credit cards can be dangerous when you see that big credit balance and have the power to keep spending until you hit your credit limit. In early recovery, you may have the impulsive need to spend and reward yourself with instant gratification. If you cannot get rid of your credit cards, keep them in a drawer instead of your wallet if you need them for emergencies. You can even get a secured credit card to give a refundable security deposit in exchange for a line of credit. That way, you cannot spend more than what you have.

Budgeting Apps

To better understand what you spend, budgeting apps can make you feel less overwhelmed and better organized. Free apps can be linked to your accounts and access them all in one place to better check your balances. The apps can also tell you how much money you have left for fun things aside from what you usually spend on, like food, bills, and more. Getting a clear picture of your financial situation will help you prioritize your spending and make sure you do not spend too much on things you do not need.

Seek Help

Sober or not, finances are a struggle for everyone. Just like when you live in denial of your drug problem, you cannot live in denial of your financial struggles, or you might hit rock bottom. You are not alone if you need more than apps or hiding your credit cards to get your finances straight. There are professional counselors you can speak to that specialized in budgeting, spending, saving, paying your debts, and more. Instead of turning to drugs as a means of helping you, find healthy ways to cope with your stress, such as speaking to a therapist or joining a support group to feel less alone. You will be surprised at how many people can share in your struggles and relate to your anxiety. Mastering your financial struggles are one of the main keys to mastering your addiction recovery.

Shopping can be an addiction of its own where you are used to using drugs and alcohol to cope with the anxiety that you abuse money instead. The truth is that if you let your finances get out of control, your recovery will be negatively affected. At Alta Loma, we understand what a struggle it can be to control your finances. At our transformative treatment center in Georgetown, Texas, we can provide you with life coping skills education, individualized therapy, medication management, and more to help you. Please give us a call at (866) 457-3843 to learn more about our services.