Instagram likes used to be considered what makes your Instagram account a success. If not enough people like photos of yourself, it can lower your confidence and self-esteem. Instagram removing their likes feature can make the site be all about sharing your photos without worrying about any criticism. 

The Purpose of Instagram Hiding Likes

Instagram has decided to instead focus on people posting their creativity and storytelling on their profiles instead of worrying about anyone’s competitive nature. Instagram should be more about what you share instead of how many likes your photos receive. If you are an influencer, you could be dealing with a lot of judgment based on the people who follow you. Being judged by the masses can take serious tolls on your mental health. Social media accounts are for connection and making a positive impact on someone instead of feeling the pressure to not be yourself. Now, Instagram can be more about telling stories and being genuine. 

How Hidden Likes Will Work

Even though like counts will not be completely gone, they will be hidden from the public. If you post a picture, your followers or anyone else who sees the photo will not see the number of likes. You as the influencer will still have access to the statistics. Instead of seeing a counter, you can see who has liked your photo and will have to count the number of people yourself to see how many people liked your photo. Influencers will have to rely more on posting a consistent number of photos a day and paid promotions in order to have a successful brain.

Mental Health Improvements in Removing Likes

Removing likes will cause influencers to avoid social comparisons. You can post your photos without any judgment or obsession overseeing that number grow. Instead of posting photos for the purpose of having that like counter grow higher, you can be more careful about the photos you post as you cannot rush story-telling and creativity. It is important to remember that even removing likes will cause influencers to feel pressured to stand out from other influencers and look a certain way for instant gratification. Removing the likes feature is a step in the right direction for Instagram. It is very important to remember that the purpose of Instagram is to show off your creativity and send photos to your followers that will make them smile.  

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