After experiencing the pain from addiction, you are probably ready for positive changes in your life in recovery. When you begin to feel the positive benefits of recovery, it is understandable to want to live in them. However, you must remember not to avoid any negative or other complex emotions that come your way. Many individuals often find themselves living in the “pink cloud,” which is a time of extreme happiness and euphoria in early recovery. While this may feel good, it is important not to live in it. 

What is the Pink Cloud?

Initially coined by Alcoholics Anonymous, the “pink cloud” is a term that refers to feelings of euphoria in early sobriety. It often only lasts for a short time, usually for days or even a couple of weeks. The duration of the pink cloud varies from person to person depending upon their own experience in recovery. 

Why is the Pink Cloud Dangerous?

The pink cloud is classified by its feelings of euphoria in early recovery, which sounds good at first but can be quite troublesome. It can lead to false confidence in recovery, causing a person to be overconfident and perhaps not follow all recovery coping mechanisms and guidelines. It can also cause a person to ignore their negative emotions to ride out this natural high, which will only cause them to become stronger over time. Once the pink cloud period ends, the person may feel disappointed as they realize that recovery is not all sunshine and rainbows. 

Are There Benefits?

The pink cloud is not all bad in recovery as it can help you be more positive about your journey. It shows you that you can feel happy without drugs or alcohol, and it can keep you motivated to continue. As long as you understand that the pink cloud is not a realistic view of recovery, you should be fine.

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