The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) finds that genetic makeup can account for half of the risk of developing a substance addiction. A genetic predisposition coupled with an unhealthy environment such as a high-stress workspace may greatly increase your chances of developing a substance addiction. If a parent or relative struggles with addiction, it’s important to know your risks and tools to combat obstacles that may arise in your path.

Several members of your family may grapple with substance addiction, but that does not mean you are guaranteed to develop an addiction as well. Environmental factors influence addictive tendencies and constant exposure to unsafe or stressful situations can cause reliance on alcohol, drugs, or other substances, even when there are no known cases of addiction in the family.

NIDA studies conclude that communities that offer after-school activities record less cases of drug addiction. Exercise also seems to deter substance reliance, especially in males, who are more likely to pursue drug usage than females. An inclusive and supportive home environment can also stave off addiction.

Your home life may cause stress if a family member suffering from untreated addiction lives with you, but this situation does not mean you will inevitably turn to substance abuse. Adolescence and early adulthood increase access to alcohol and drugs, but awareness of your genetic predisposition can help guide your habits in a healthy way. Sharing your experience with a close friend can keep you accountable in vulnerable situations.

Organizing a reliable support system will improve your mental and emotional health, and making them aware of your specific concerns regarding substance abuse shapes a safe, accepting environment for all. Consulting with a therapist may also reduce anxiety regarding substance abuse. Disease is never your fault, but it is your responsibility. If you know that you are predisposed to addiction, make sure to take the steps necessary to create a positive environment.

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