People see a therapist for a number of reasons whether it is addiction, mental health problems, grief, or they just feel lonely and need someone to talk to. But when life starts getting better for you, you may feel like therapy is no longer needed. Knowing when it is time to stop therapy is a sign that you have learned from your past issues and that you can confidently face life on your own. 

Signs to Stop Therapy

You should first think about what made you want to enter therapy in the first place. Think about the goals that you set out for yourself and if you accomplished any of them. Speak to your therapist about either cutting back on therapy or finishing it altogether if you feel like it is not needed anymore. Remember that just because you feel like you are done with your therapy sessions does not mean this is you admitting you are perfect. Therapy does not exist to turn its patients into perfectionists. Choosing to stop therapy is just your way of saying that you no longer need to rely on a therapist to give you the answers because you are confident in what they are.

Another sign that you know it is time to stop therapy is when you have run out of things to talk about with your therapist. You do not have anymore questions to ask because you know how to handle things on your own. You feel like you have reached the goals that you and your therapist have spoken about and know how to respond to certain triggers you may face in your life.

How to Handle the Transition When Sessions are Over

Your therapy sessions may be over, but that does not mean that you should forget about what you have learned. You can still join a support group to be able to speak about how you manage your addiction or mental illness. You can also still check in with your therapist after a good amount of time has passed so that they know about your progress like in an email, a phone call, or an in-person session. It takes a really strong person to seek therapy and admit that they need someone to pick them up when they are down. Deciding your therapy is over means that you have the tools to brave the world on your own.

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