In times of struggle, many people turn to religion for reassurance and strength. Managing substance addiction can be difficult, and individuals in recovery may join a religious or spiritual organization for the support and structure offered by the institution.

Not all individuals in recovery want to incorporate faith into their lifestyle and they find fulfillment in other structured organizations or activities like fitness clubs, community service projects, or sports teams. Those who choose to adopt a belief system value the emotional support provided by the spiritual community as well as the trust and optimism that accompanies the enthusiastic participation in religious or spiritual life.

The renowned 12-Step program Alcoholics Anonymous was founded on Christian beliefs and, although the organization has made recent efforts to secularize the program, an emphasis on spirituality remains. Relinquishing control to a higher power relieves one of the stresses of solitude.

Feelings of isolation can trigger symptoms of poor mental health that cause substance abuse, but the security of believing in an omnipresent power may provide a sense of unity that diminishes the fear of being alone. The Center for the Study of Addictions and Recovery finds that spirituality can reduce anxiety, improve stress tolerance, and inspire a greater sense of social support.

Spirituality and religion are frequently associated with Christian dogma, but formalized faith systems are not necessarily related to Christianity. Faith communities around the world each profess unique values. Though Christianity was a powerful religion for Bill W., founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, the community is not the only one offering spiritual fulfillment.

The congregation size, system of beliefs, religious or spiritual practices, local engagement opportunities, and disposition of the community vary among international institutions. If you are seeking spirituality, consider your values to find a group that works for you.

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