Participation in social activities will benefit your recovery from substance addiction and associated mental health disorders. When you live alone, however, access to those activities are limited. While those who live with roommates or family members have constant access to socialization, you will have to seek it. Living alone is great, but because social groups are so beneficial to your recovery, you need to dedicate time and energy to planning gatherings with the people in your life.

Consider a furry roommate

Sure, talking to your dog may not have the same effect as talking to your close friend or therapist, but receiving limitless attention from your furry friend can certainly boost your spirits. If you are feeling restless or lonely living on your own but are unwilling to invite a roommate into your space, consider adopting an Emotional Support Animal (ESA).

An ESA can be any animal that enhances your emotional and mental wellness; horses, turtles, rabbits, and cats all make great ESAs! In addition to showering you with unconditional love, your ESA will also create new responsibilities for you. Dedicating time to care for your pet is a big commitment, but proving yourself to be a responsible pet parent will make your self-confidence soar.

Find some friends who want to stay on standby

You don’t have to move out of your studio apartment to socialize. Talk to your friends and family about scheduling activities, like a weekly lunch date, to create regular opportunities to socialize. Know who you can call if you ever feel lonely in your home. Being alone does not mean being lonely, but everyone needs companionship.

Sharing your thoughts and feelings relieves you of stress, and receiving validation for your emotions boosts your mental health. Self-isolation is a dangerous behavior that indicates unstable mental health and, thus, an increased risk of relapse. The people in your life can diminish that risk just by hanging out with you.

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