Whether we realize it at the time or not, addiction truly does throw our body and mind out of balance. Our lives become chaotic and unmanageable at times – and once the ball has started rolling, it can be impossible to get back on track. We may fail to follow through with our responsibilities, struggle emotionally to deal with situations that arise, and find ourselves pursuing substances in a way that we never thought would happen.

Why does it go this far? Because addiction is a disease – one that affects the way we think and behave. It’s very difficult to gain control over this disease on our own, and that’s why it’s so important to seek out treatment.

Saying Goodbye to Chaos

Recovery is not only about detoxification and developing healthy coping mechanisms, but also about establishing a clear routine. Human beings thrive on some sort of stability and structure – addiction provides the exact opposite.

When someone is recovering from addiction, they have developed unhealthy habits and behaviors that are deeply rooted in their brain, changing the way they think and feel. The very act of removing oneself from this chaotic environment is a big step towards sobriety, but continued stability and structure will be necessary for long-term recovery.

Sleep Is Essential

Sleep is one of the main sources of energy that we receive to carry out each day. While we are living in addiction, sleep is often sporadic – late-night drinking or drug use usually leads to sleeping late or even staying up all night long. Recovery requires that we get back onto a healthy sleeping schedule and establish set sleep and wake-up times.

It may seem like a small issue to consider in the big picture of recovery, but sleeping truly is a fundamental aspect of our lives. When we go to sleep at a certain time and wake up at a certain time, it helps our mind and body to regulate, which means that we will function better than if we missed sleep or didn’t set a schedule.

Taking a look at your own sleeping habits and trying to find ways to stabilize them can help anyone, but especially those in recovery.

Find Stability Today

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