No matter how long you’ve been with your significant other, it’s hard to say whether or not your relationship will be safe when tested with some of the most difficult circumstances of life, including addiction. In the beginning, you may have noticed that you or your partner were dabbling with substances bit by bit, but as time went on, you noticed that the abuse became more severe. Substance abuse starts with small bad habits, and those habits can develop into dependency if both partners aren’t being cautious. Before you even know it, addiction has control over you in a way that you can’t explain nor keep up with.

Addiction does happen in many relationships. In some cases, it’s one partner, while in other cases it’s both. Even if a couple takes every precaution against addiction, it can still creep up and before you know it, there are a number of problems that can arise out of addiction:

  • More fighting about drinking, drugs, money problems, staying out late, not taking care of responsibilities, etc.
  • Feeling compelled to “cover” for the partner who is abusing substances, both to loved ones and employers
  • Bonding only over drinking or using drugs, which makes it harder for the couple to connect on deeper levels
  • The occurrence of domestic violence, which can destroy confidence in relationships as well as children’s faith in their parents
  • Discovering that one or both partners must be drunk or high in order to show affection to one another or to talk about problems in the relationship

By not seeking treatment, partners can spiral out of control together, leaving a recipe for disaster. If you or your loved one is struggling with addiction, urge them to seek help immediately. Speak with a professional from Alta Loma today to learn more about how your relationship can be saved from recovery.

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