You are sleeping seven to eight hours, but still, feel tired. It does not make sense to you, as your healthy amount of sleep should give you enough energy throughout the day. By taking a good look at your mental health and speaking to a mental health professional about it, you will be able to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed.

What Does Not Moving Around Have to Do With Your Energy?

Staying in the same place such as lying in bed or sitting on a chair will make your body too used to the position. It is best to do some light exercises a few times a week to energize yourself. If you work at home and are constantly sitting, try to take some time to take a walk around your area to keep your muscles working and your heart pumping. Regularly moving will remind your body that it is awake.

What Does Depression Have to Do With Your Energy?

Depression tends to leave you exhausted. It may not even be until you notice your sleepiness that you realize you are depressed. Being depressed means that you have no energy to get out into the world and do any type of activity because you have no urge to do so. If you think depression can be the reason for feeling tired, speak to a therapist about this so the two of you can come up with a plan to get you energized.

What Does Being on Your Phone a Lot Have to Do With Your Energy?

It is important to not only stay away from your phone before you go to bed but all technology. Bright blue screens, like on smartphones, can trigger a hormone in your that keeps you awake even when you are feeling fast asleep. Having a big sleep may make you not realize this until you wake up the next morning feeling drained. 

What Does Anxiety Have to Do With Your Energy?

Stress and anxiety can make you feel less energetic no matter how much sleep you get. With so many worrisome thoughts in your head, you may wake up in the middle of the night and not fall into a deep sleep, leaving you exhausted. By going over in your head your normal routine, you can speak to your therapist about it to help you figure out how to get your energy back.

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