Several studies have noted that men are more likely than women to use almost all types of illicit substances. Despite the growing number of people who classify as having substance use disorders (SUDs), there are many people who still do not seek treatment because they’re unaware that they need help. In many instances, men are among the first to deny needing treatment, mostly because of the unfortunate stigma attached to SUDs. Whether it’s you or a loved one who needs treatment, it’s important to explore the different barriers that men can face so that individually and as a community, we can overcome them to make help more accessible.

What Specific Issues Do Men Deal With in Recovery

It’s true that men face a variety of issues when it comes to seeking addiction treatment, from calling and seeking help in finding a job later on. Many men actually feel threatened by the process of seeking help. After all, our society has placed a strenuous emphasis on masculinity and most men don’t want to be viewed as “weak” amidst all their responsibilities. We may become defensive when confronted with the idea that they may have a ”problem.” However, men face unique challenges that women do not. For example, studies show that men have higher rates of dependence on illicit drugs and also end up in the emergency room more than women because of overdose and drug use.

For men who are in desperate pain, the simple act of attending support groups, such as through 12-Step programs, can make a world of difference. Telling each other stories and learning more about how other men have faced trauma can cause individuals to feel as though they’re not alone. That sense of community can lift them up despite the challenges they may be going through.

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