It can be very tempting to keep looking at your smartphone to check your social media updates, play games, or check your emails. This can cause you to stay inactive with what is happening in your work life and your relationships. By downloading apps that can help you be in control of how much screentime you spend, this can help lessen the time you spend on your phone and to focus more on your social life and career. 


This iOS and Android app breaks down how much you are using your phone in a simple way with an “addiction score.” This app will show you how often you unlock your phone screen and logs your daily usage. The goal of this app is to try to get your addiction score as low as possible. This can help you if you like to make goals of how often you should be off your phone as well as to challenge yourself. 


This iOS and Android app blocks distracting apps like Facebook, games, and filtering communications. There are different modes that you can choose like Work mode, Family mode, or Me Time mode. This will help you get access to the things on your smartphone that you need without getting distracted by what you do not need. By looking at the analytics of how distracted you are on your phone, this could help curb bad habits.


This iOS app allows you to set daily limits of when to be on your phone and notifies you if you exceed your limit. There is also a setting that forces you to get off your phone by flooding your screen with alerts when you try to extend your time. You can even track your family’s device time through your own phone to make sure that everyone is limiting their phone use.


This iOS and Android app has a more aggressive way of limiting your screentime by locking your phone for a set period of time. Once your screen is locked, you cannot go back. It is impossible to cheat since restarting your phone will not unlock it. You can even turn someone else’s phone off so that you can keep your friends and family in check. By making use of these screen-saving apps, you will be forced to limit your screentime and learn how to make more productive uses of your time. 


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