While many abuse drugs thinking that it will make them feel better, it can actually make your body feel worse. You no longer feel strong and end up feeling sick. By learning about the different effects drugs can have on your body, this should inspire you to seek treatment or never develop an addiction in the first place. 

Rebound Effect

The rebound effect is when your body tries to bounce back into balance after a drug has been taken. The user begins to experience the same effects they were hoping to escape through drug use. For example, sedative drugs may make you feel relaxed and drowsy, but the rebound effect will cause you to feel agitation when the drug wears off. This will make you want to take more of the drug so that you can feel the same sedative effect. When you take cocaine, you may experience fatigue after. Painkillers can also make you experience physical and emotional pain or a combination which will make you want to take more painkillers. Users want to feel the stimulating effects for much longer than it will give you in one dose.

The Comedown

The comedown is when you feel like the drugs are slowly wearing off after being intoxicated for so long. If the drug experience was too intense and made you feel uncomfortable, anxious, or delusional, the comedown can either make you feel pleasant or disappointing since it signals you back to reality. It is best to recognize that you are still under the influence of drugs and to be in a safe place with other people. Since you are still vulnerable, make sure that you do not put yourself in any stressful situations or ones that require mental focus like driving. 

The Crash

The crash is an intense exhaustion that you feel after using drugs. The body attempts to balance out the overstimulation of the central nervous system that occurs when intoxicated. The drug makes the person awake for a longer period of time which increases fatigue. Crack cocaine is the worst crash to experience as the drug can be taken for several days with users being agitated and paranoid before crashing for several days. See a doctor if your energy does not come back after a week. By entering recovery and staying away from drugs, you will not have to go through these terrible effects on a daily basis.

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