Have you ever been looking at recovery quotes or spaces and seen the phrase “good vibes only?” If you have been to a recovery space in the last year, you have most likely seen this posted. However, even with its good intentions, “good vibes only” actually rests in a place of toxic positivity. Feeling happy all the time is simply not realistic, and not allowing the space for negative feelings can lead you back to where you started. It is not worth faking happiness just to seem better, as you may turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms to help yourself feel good such as drugs and alcohol. Here is why “good vibes only” should be left out of the recovery space.

Avoiding Negative Emotions

If you live in a mentality or space that is only for good vibes, you cannot acknowledge or accept anything other than positive emotions. However, as a human, you will experience different feelings such as stress, sadness, anger, frustration, irritability, anxiety, and more. You cannot avoid these feelings no matter how hard you try. Many individuals turn to drugs and alcohol to avoid these negative emotions. However, once the effects of these substances are gone, you are left with these feelings. 


The key to recovery is learning to acknowledge and accept your negative emotions to understand why you feel them, what causes them, and what you can do to cope with them healthily. Pushing these feelings aside will only make them stronger until you deal with them; this is why you cannot expect to live in a “good vibes only” headspace and expect it to help your overall recovery.

Learning Vulnerability

Building connections with others in recovery is just as meaningful as healing yourself. Having a sober support network will help get you through the hard days of recovery and celebrate your triumphs. The only way to have real, genuine connections is to open up with others and be vulnerable. This action builds trust and shows that you want those connections and desire to heal and learn from others in recovery. You cannot have this openness if no one is willing to talk about their mistakes and the times they fell short.

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