Many people name Halloween as a favorite holiday, regardless of age. There is something exhilarating about finding the perfect costume, planning a lively party, or going out bar hopping to celebrate. For someone who struggles with alcohol abuse, however, Halloween can end up being a nightmare. 

Risking Legal Consequences Increases on Holidays

Alcohol Monitoring Systems, which include items courts order those convicted of DWI/DUI to use, like ignition locks and ankle monitors, show that even those who risk legal consequences for over-imbibing often end up drinking to excess on holidays like Halloween. If those who could go to jail for their alcohol intake will risk it, those with less to lose are even more likely to drink excessively. 

Using Holidays as an Excuse to Binge Drink

While Halloween 2020 is not going to be business as usual, due to COVID-19 restrictions on gatherings, it is still a time when many people who already have a problem with alcohol are likely to amp up their intake, putting themselves and others at risk. Just one more drink at a party or bar can turn into several more, sometimes resulting in being blackout drunk. Drinking games encourage unhealthy alcohol consumption, and are often accompanied by pressure from fellow partygoers to overindulge because it’s a holiday.

Make a Plan to Stay Safe

Resist pressure to go out and celebrate. Plan a night at home binge watching scary movies on TV. Remove or reduce the amount of alcohol in the home. Enlist the kids in a costume parade around the yard. Halloween fun doesn’t have to include risking your health or freedom.


Holidays are often an exercise in overindulgence in shopping, food, and alcohol consumption. Halloween, in particular, is associated with parties and binge drinking. While dressing up and going to a party may have been a safe way to celebrate in the past, Halloween can be a real danger for those who now struggle with excessive alcohol consumption. Blackout drinking, driving drunk, and the risk of being arrested or spending time in jail increase on this holiday, leaving people with a lot of regrets, come November 1. Alta Loma has a comprehensive treatment program for people struggling with alcohol addiction. We offer primary and extended care designed to help you manage your issues while staying with us. Additionally, our program prepares you to return home with a plan for staying sober and reintegrating into work, relationships, and an exciting future. Call us today at (866) 457-3843 for more information.