When you are a recovering addict it can be easy to let negative self-talk get you down. You might tell yourself that “you can’t do this” or “you’ll never change.” Unfortunately, negative self-talk never helps anyone achieve his or her goals. Staying positive is an important part of staying healthy and beating your addiction. If you stay positive and believe in yourself, you will be able to build up your self-esteem to achieve your goals. One way to beat these feelings is to replace negative self-talk with positive mantras.

Defining Mantras

A mantra is a phrase or saying that you repeat to yourself. The idea is that the more you repeat the mantra to yourself, the more you will believe it.  Repeating positive mantras to yourself can create a positive mindset and it is easier to accomplish your goals when you believe that they are achievable. Mantras are also meant to ground you. If you have a habit of setting high expectations for yourself, your mantra could be, “I can’t control everything.” This will relieve the stress of trying to accomplish too many tasks at once. It will let you re-evaluate your day and help you focus on what you can control.

Picking Mantras

You want to make sure that your mantra is something that can help you dispel negative thoughts or ground you in reality. Think about some of your biggest daily struggles and some of your daily negative self-talk–your mantra should counterbalance these. For instance, if you feel like you lack control in your life, you might want your mantra to be, “everything will be okay.” Make sure your mantra is grounded in truth and something that you can convince yourself to believe. For instance, if you feel like your life is out of control, you wouldn’t want your mantra to be, “everything is perfect.” Try out a few mantras and see which ones work best for you.

Reciting Mantras

It’s good to say mantras on a regular basis so you get in the habit of saying them regularly. Again, the more you say them, the better impact they will have on your mindset. You can say your mantras every morning when you wake up or right before bed. You can say mantras while you’re driving to work or making dinner. Recite your mantras whenever you need a boost to your mood and, eventually, it will become a helpful habit. Mantras can also be helpful in times of emotional distress to help you combat negative self-talk. If you are overwhelmed with emotions you can use a mantra to help you stay grounded. 

Practicing a mantra can help you cope with emotional distress, especially when in recovery. It can keep you grounded when you feel like the world around you is ready for collapse. Make sure you pick a mantra that means something to you. Alta Loma can help you discover mantras and other helpful tools to help you deal with emotionally difficult situations so that you’ll have more control over your emotions. The more you practice using these tools, the more helpful they will be in maintaining your recovery from addiction. Call (866) 457-3843 for more information.