Anxiety can cause you to experience symptoms like feeling lightheaded, sweaty, stomach issues, and having trouble concentrating. Instead of spending all of your time focusing on these symptoms, this is where finding hobbies to channel your energy into can help you. Hobbies have the power to keep you busy as well as relax you during your spare time. 

Nature Walk

Taking a walk out into the sun allows us to soak up the natural vitamins and feel at ease with our environment. In order to experience this feeling more often, you can go outside and take a walk around the neighborhood whether you bring a friend with you or you go to walk the dog. If you have any trails or mountains in your area, take a hike where you can see your area in a different view and take pictures of what you see. Taking a walk can also force you to slow down and relax your thoughts. Walking is also a good way to feel those feel-good endorphins kick into your system, leaving you in a positive mood for the rest of the day.


It may seem child-like to play with a coloring book, but this activity can actually be really relaxing whether you color with crayons or color pencils or with a smartphone app. It can be a relaxing activity in that the goal is to color inside the lines of the design and not worry about anything else. With the creativity of all of the colors that we incorporate, we feel like an artist in the end. You do not have to worry about being good at coloring. It is all about easing into the activity and enjoying the process.


Focusing on the needs of others will give us a vacation from our own troubles. Supporting others gives us a feeling of control in that the problems of others are resting in our hands. We feel proud by the end of the day knowing we are useful. Whether it is a homeless shelter, animal rescue, ocean clean-up, or tutoring kids, these services need your help. If you look online for volunteer opportunities near you, you should be able to find an opportunity that fits your needs. By focusing our energy on these hobbies, we will be able to channel our stress of activities that are fun and will make us feel good.


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