The pandemic has changed education for everybody. Zoom sessions and online learning have taken the place of in-person classes and the social structure that accompanies them. The promise of return to “normalcy” in September provided both students and parents with hope.

Then, it was announced that schools would continue with virtual learning as the spread of COVID-19 continues unabated. As a parent, it is important to get your anxiety under control so that you will be able to educate your children with ease until schools are opened up again.

Acknowledging Your Feelings 

Start to process everything you were feeling this past spring as the pandemic started. Know that your feelings are valid and shared by many others having the same experience. Ignoring your feelings will only make them more intense. You can also encourage your kids to talk about how spring made them feel and any disappointment they are experiencing about not returning to school full-time in the fall. As a family, you can band together to muster the courage to carry on.

Importance of Planning

You may be going into this new school year scared for your children. You may have no idea what to expect from your school district as plans seem in an ongoing state of flux. Now is the time to map out a plan for the school year going forward as best you can. Identify the problems you have now or what you think you will have. You can speak to your partner about alternating shifts overseeing your children. You can also talk to your kids about setting up a special area in the house for online learning and do research on the platforms your school district may use. You want to understand them before classes begin. Face these challenges head-on instead of waiting for them to come to you.

Remembering What You Learned 

Kids now know what it is like to be away from their friends and to interact with their teachers via a computer screen. Parents have learned about juggling work and home responsibilities. Teachers are becoming more experienced in online learning and what works for them. The initial shock of operating in a virtual classroom has worn off. Going forward into the school year, you will have some familiarity based on your experiences in the spring. If you start to feel anxiety during the school year, remember how much you have learned compared to when the pandemic first started. You have your family and friends to lean on who are going through the same thing. Remembering how far you have come will ease your anxiety and you will be confident going forward.


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