If you have been forced to work at home during these past few months, you may be feeling emotionally drained. While working from home, can you still take a mental health day? It is essential to provide yourself with a mental health day to re-energize and handle your home responsibilities.

Why is it Important to Take a Break?

All of the stress and burnout you are experiencing is not imaginary. Stress and burnout are real problems, and they need to be addressed. Even though we have developed new habits while working from home, it may be hard to tell when it is appropriate to take a break. Each of us needs to recognize that breaks are necessary. You need to listen to your mind and body.

If you are tired or feeling upset, you may need to take a personal day off. Once you decide to take your mental health day, do not spend it feeling guilty, as we all need one every once in a while. Do not worry about the work you will be missing on your day off, focus only on self-care.

How Do You Take a Mental Health Day From Remote Working?

You should first place workplace boundaries where you shut off your phone notifications and computer to avoid letting work creep into your day off. You can also find small ways to relax, like taking a nice walk with soothing music in your ears or relaxing in the sun. You should let your boss and your employees know that you are taking a personal day. As such, politely ask them to avoid calling you or sending you emails while you are trying to get in touch with yourself.

You can also use this time to catch up on some sleep or watch that new movie everyone is talking about on your streaming services. Journaling and meditation can help clear your mind and get things off your chest that have been bothersome.

If you are a manager, send your employees the right message that you are taking a little time off. Your example can encourage your employees to appropriately value mental health in the workplace. A mental health day can make a positive difference in your overall outlook.

Working at home during COVID-19 can lead to burnout and stress. At Alta Loma, you can learn how to cope with your anxiety and learn how to work at home more productively through individualized therapy, life skills classes, recreational activities, and more. For more information, please call us at (866) 457-3843.