Overcoming addiction can take a very long time to do. It took Kevin Alter, who created the popular addiction recovery blog “The Addict’s Diary,” over a decade to recover from his. By learning about Kevin Alter’s journey, other people struggling with addiction will understand that addiction recovery is not an easy road to follow but it is possible to better your life once you achieve sobriety.

When Did Kevin Alter Become Addicted to Drugs?

Alter first became addicted to drugs when he went to high school in Long Island. At the age of 17, he and his friends got their hands on cocaine and he could not stop the first time he tried it. As soon as his parents caught on, he went to a total of 21 inpatient facilities. When his time there was done, he graduated high school and returned to his old group of friends. This caused Alter to relapse since all of his friends were still doing drugs and would hide it from his family. Alter never got a full grasp of Narcotics Anonymous or other 12-step programs. Even though he got a scholarship to college, Alter was introduced to heroin. For 11 years, he would experience homelessness, heartbreak, rehab, and the death of his friends to drugs. 

How Did Kevin Alter Achieve Sobriety?

Alter would try to be sober long enough to get a job only to hide that he was living in a Queens train station. Once he was living in the stairwell of a building in the Bronx with a friend, Alter realized that he needed to change his life. In his 29th treatment center, Alter was asked to write his life story which ended up being 46 pages. It was not until his therapist told him to write down why he turned to drugs that Alter realized it was because he had low self-esteem and other insecurities about himself. 

What is Kevin Alter’s Life Like Today?

Alter launched “The Addict’s Diary” in January 2018 after one of his friends passed away which has gained nearly 570,000 followers. He has now learned to love himself and helps others share their stories of addiction recovery. Today, Alter is working on a podcast and travels to different high schools to tell his story. He answers phone calls from those struggling from addiction. Alter used his addiction recovery to inspire others with addiction to do the same.

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