You may have been told that if you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, it is important to see a therapist. It can be a difficult journey to find a therapist as there are many therapists that have limited training in suicide. When looking for a therapist, you need to find someone who specializes in suicide so that you can get the best help you need.

What Do You Need to Prepare When Looking for a Suicide Specialist?

You may be going from therapist to therapist to see how effective they are being towards your treatment. If you have insurance, look at your plan and get a list of people who are covered. If you do not have insurance, look for mental health specialists in your community. Start making calls to narrow down your list. You can also speak to your primary care physician for a referral. If you are a student, you can speak to your on-campus counselor or visit the health center. 

What Should You Look for in a Suicide-Specialized Therapist?

You should look for a therapist who specializes in evidence-based suicide prevention techniques like Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Suicide Prevention, or Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality. You can check the websites of organizations that train clinicians in these interventions. If your therapist does not know how to effectively treat a suicidal person can result in a tragic outcome. 

Why Should You Immediately Not Talk About Your Suicidal Thoughts to a Therapist?

A lot of therapists are afraid to hear the word “suicide” and have a tendency to immediately rush for involuntary hospitalization which increased the risk of suicide. When you are first getting to know a therapist, speak about your suicidal thoughts in the past tense even if you are still having them. You can ask your therapist questions like if someone has disclosed suicidal thoughts during a session before, what training they have had with self-harm, and what their thoughts are of someone who dies by suicide. The therapist should decide if they know how to help this person and the patient should decide if this is the right person for them. Remember that it may take time to find the right therapist. You want to make sure if you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, you do not pick just anyone to be your therapist as this person can make a difference in saving your life. 

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