Google is the most popular search engine on the internet. According to Faces and Voices of Recovery, there are 23 million Americans who are in recovery from drug addiction. Instead of going through the trouble of Googling research into recovery options, Google has made a website called Recovery Together to give those in recovery the right resources to help them on the journey.

What Recovery Strategies Does Recovery Together Have?

When you first click on the recovery page, you can see stories and videos of firsthand stories of those in recovery or those who know others in recovery. These people range from Google employees to CEOS which shows that no matter how successful you are, anyone can be in recovery. As you keep scrolling down, Google also gives a link to Recovery Resource Hub where you can type in your address and there will be a map of places that can help you with recovery, counseling, housing, prevention, and behavioral health and treatment. Once you click on a center, you can find out what the meeting times are. There is even a link to an ‘Addictionary’ to learn about words that will only fuel the stigma of addiction like “addict” or “slip.” There are even suggestions at the bottom to tell your story on social media using the hashtag #RecoveryMovement or visit the Voices Project.

What Treatment Strategies Does Recovery Together Have?

This page gives you a link to to take an assessment of your drug use that you can give to your healthcare provider to help you make a personalized plan. You can also find local support by typing in the state that you live in which will give you the phone number of where to call for drug recovery as well as the website for resources in your area. 

What Prevention Strategies Does Recovery Together Have?

The treatment page has a map embedded where you can type in your location and you can find places near you where you can dispose of any unneeded medication. On October 26, the map will be updated on collection sites where you can dispose your drugs for National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day. The page will teach you why safe drug disposal matters and frequently asked questions about it. By visiting Recovery Together, you will get all of the information you need to find recovery tools nearby and have a successful recovery.

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