Men are not all prone to taking more risks when it comes to their health. Some things simply appeal to them or maybe marketing is directed more at them than women. Electronic cigarettes or e-cigs have seen a huge increase in popularity over smoking cigarettes. Both are still popular with young men but vaping is especially appealing because of its flavor and smokeless delivery. There is also news about vaping and smoking-related health conditions. Find out why smoking and vaping affect men differently and why one is not necessarily a ‘safer alternative’ than the other.

Let’s Talk About Vaping

Researchers have begun looking into health conditions related to vaping. Some young men and women are experiencing respiratory-related illnesses and respiratory failure as a result of it. The sale of vaping products have outlawed some places and a ban may be coming to the United States sooner than later. Teens and young men are encouraged to think about the use of tobacco and e-cigarettes before they use them.

Some smoking-related conditions take 20 to 40 years to develop. With vaping, some conditions can pop up as soon as a few months into use, depending on how heavily the person vapes. Cigarettes contain over 7000 chemicals, 70 of which are carcinogenic. E-cigarettes have fewer, but there are still people experiencing serious lung and heart issues from vaping.

Health Concerns of Smoking

Young men are especially susceptible to the use of e-cigs because their friends may use them or it seems cool to give it a try. Once they do, they get hooked on how good it feels and the way it makes them look with friends. The number of people who have used e-cigs has gone up exponentially among young people, more so than older adults who might switch from smoking to vaping, thinking it is healthier.

Some THC cannabis oil has been bootlegged into e-cigs, which is dangerous if vaporized and inhaled. Some devices are known to have exploded and caused harm to people. Among health concerns are also inhaling ingredients that are harmful which may cause lung tissue damage, requiring transplants in the worst of cases. Serious vapers may experience these issues although there is always some risk.

Why Vaping Isn’t Better

Some will try vaping because they believe it will help them quit smoking. Then they end up hooked on them, spending tons of money on pods and equipment to light up. The best way to quit smoking is to quit cold turkey or use a known cessation program, rather than switching one product for another.

It is always best to talk to a doctor about use of e-cigs or nicotine cessation products to find out what will work best. Feeling healthy and keeping the body and mind healthy are important for the long haul. To keep everything healthy, it might mean giving up something that feels good now to trade it for better health down the road. Don’t compromise the long view for short term experiences.

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