Having bipolar disorder means living with the challenges of managing your triggers so you do not have dramatic mood changes. Some people may be prone to manic episodes where they feel excited, angry, or energized, whereas others experience more depressive episodes. To help yourself with bipolar triggers during one of the most stressful times in the world, identify your triggers with the help of a doctor to ensure you live a comfortable life going forward.

Grieve if You Need To

Many people are dealing with different kinds of losses like the loss of their job, human connections, and loved ones. While acknowledging your feelings is hard, it is an important step in the grieving process. Recognize that you are going to be emotionally devastated for a good amount of time, but reach out for support to prevent an episode and help your overall wellbeing. You can research therapists in your area and see if they will agree to sliding scale rates. During the pandemic, you do not need to physically go into an office as many healthcare professionals are now using video chat or phone calls to conduct appointments.

Check-in With Yourself

Stress of any kind can trigger manic and depressive episodes in bipolar patients. That is why it is important to think about how you are feeling and look for differences in mood and behavior. Scheduling a daily check-in with yourself can help you identify important behavior shifts to possibly avoid an episode. After you check in with yourself, speak to your therapist or psychiatrist on how you are feeling to help you determine how to best take care of yourself. Continue to stay on your prescribed medications and stick with your treatment regimen to ensure great results.

Limit Alcohol Intake

While you may think alcohol will relax you when you are having an episode, it can be a direct trigger to manic episodes. Drugs and alcohol can interfere with the medications used to treat bipolar disorder and make them less effective. If you are craving alcohol, put yourself off for an hour as that is how long the craving should take to go away. Turn away from bad influences that will turn you to alcohol and turn to support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous. If you feel like you are struggling with bipolar disorder, never be afraid to turn to a professional for help.

Bipolar disorder is when you experience manic or depressive episodes caused by stressful triggers. Living in a pandemic world can bring about a lot of losses and stresses that you may have trouble handling. Alta Loma understands the importance of reaching out for help when you experience triggers. We will make sure you are not going through this alone. We have the tools you need to get through your episodes like individualized therapy, medication management, therapeutic recreational activities, life coping skills education, structure and stability, and much more. Please give us a call at (866) 457-3843 for more information.