Anxiety and depression tend to go hand in hand. People who have not lived with a co-occurring disorder may not understand the struggles they go through. It is important to know what it is like to have both anxiety and depression occur simultaneously so that you can make sure you receive a full diagnosis during mental health treatment.

Myth: Anxiety and Depression are Rare

Remember that you are not alone in dealing with anxiety and depression. 29% of people in the U.S. fit the criteria for anxiety disorder and 20.8% fit for depression. You also get a better idea of how common it is to have anxiety and depression by finding support groups in your area. Talk to others in the group and you will see that you have shared experiences with them and can share coping tips to help each other out. 

Myth: Anxiety and Depression Means There is Something Wrong with You

It is common to be afflicted by something. Having anxiety and depression does not make you stand out from the crowd. Instead of feeling like you are weak or do not fit in with society, embrace your mental health for what it is. If there is nothing to be ashamed of when you have a physical health condition, the same should be said if you have a mental health condition. Just like many physical health conditions, anxiety and depression can be treated as well.

Myth: Anxiety and Depression Have the Same Symptoms

Anxiety and depression can bring you different experiences. Some people with anxiety experience constant worrying whereas others have panic attacks a lot. One person with depression may not have an urge to get out of bed where someone else with depression can lose interest in the activities they used to like. 

Myth: Anxiety and Depression Can Be Gotten Over

Having anxiety and depression is not a quick fix. It requires treatment, medication, and time. It is about changing your thought patterns and reconstructing new ones. Everyone’s process is different as well. The American Psychological Association says that half of patients in therapy notice improvement after 15-20 sessions and others take longer. If your process takes longer than others with your mental health condition, it does not mean you are doing anything wrong. By going into treatment for anxiety and depression, you are letting go of these myths and taking care of yourself.

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