When we are experiencing difficulty with a mental health concern or an addiction, we might be letting our everyday lives get out of control. Our self-care and hygiene might be less important to us. We might be developing unhealthy habits: eating fast food, sleeping all day, obsessing with our phones, or not cleaning up our personal space. We can help ourselves with one simple task and get our momentum going toward positive health and change. By making our beds each morning, we can start our day off right!

Start by Making Your Bed

Keeping our personal space neat and clean can help us maintain a sense of sanity and control. Making our beds each morning is one simple task we can do to get our days going in the right direction. When we take care of our personal space, we remind ourselves that we care about ourselves. We might be struggling with overwhelming thoughts and have difficulty with most of our daily living tasks. We may be feeling depressed or anxious and cannot seem to settle down. By making our beds each morning, we are committing a few minutes to help ourselves. 

Building Momentum

By starting with this simple task each morning, we can build momentum to carry us through the rest of our day. Even if we only accomplish this one task, we have done more today than we did yesterday. When we start our day off right, we can get the ball rolling for more good days to come. 

Making our beds each morning can help us build the momentum we need to carry us through our day in a positive manner. We might be struggling with essential household duties, like cleaning up after ourselves or personal hygiene. We might be neglecting our self-care needs, especially when we are going through a rough patch. When we let things continually pile up, we can get so overwhelmed that we feel burdened by everything in life. When our personal space looks neat and tidy, we might have more clarity and feel more relaxed in our homes. We can have a positive foundation to build a better day for ourselves by making our beds each morning. We might be struggling much and need additional support. If you or a loved one need professional guidance, call Alta Loma Transformational Services. We are here to help men suffering from their mental illnesses and addictions. Call us today at (866) 457-3843.