If you were to take a moment to explain who you are, what type of words would you use to describe yourself? Would you explain that you’re a friend, lover, family member, cook, or an adventurer? What’s interesting about these labels is that the very ones we choose almost always are in relation to other people and things and this is because as human beings, we’re very social creatures.

The way we lead our lives has an impact on those around us, and we usually define ourselves by the people we associate with. Addiction recovery is often a time that brings us back to this very question of social identity, and we may not recognize ourselves right away. The mirror of sobriety can bring about a number of different thoughts and feelings that may take some time to get used to. This self-exploration is crucial for our healing and growth. The insights that we come to over time can help us to form our own sense of self that aligns well with our beliefs, attitudes, and values.

Everyone has painful mistakes they’ve made in their lives, yet the roles we have in others’ lives are capable of changing and evolving based on our goals. For example, we may have changed from someone’s best friend to an acquaintance, but we can change that landscape by taking different actions over time in recovery. Sure, we can’t change the past or even heal broken relationships in some cases. However, we can examine our current role in others’ lives and take steps that reinforce or change our role in those situations depending on what we’re working towards.

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