When restaurants and bars began closing down this past spring, it put a cramp in a lot of people’s social lives. Now that these public gathering places are reopening, people who struggle with abuse of or dependence on alcohol face a dilemma. While being confined to being at home does not guarantee a person won’t drink, it definitely can limit a person’s alcohol intake. Reintroducing regular outings to restaurants and bars may spell trouble for those who struggle with alcohol issues.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

The idea of meeting up for lunch with family or a night of bar hopping with buddies is hard to resist, especially after having been cooped up at home for months. A favorite restaurant you’ve missed terribly or a much-loved neighborhood bar may be calling your name. It’s important to ask yourself if the risk of over-indulging in alcohol or putting your sobriety at risk is worth it. 

Alternatives to Restaurants and Bars

Don’t get caught up in the idea that going out to restaurants and bars is the best or only option. A socially distanced get-together of a few people who bring their own food can provide socialization. A small gathering in a backyard can make you feel less isolated and like you’re part of society again. It should also make it a bit easier to take responsibility for not abusing alcohol or breaking your sobriety. You’ll be among those who care about you, rather than a group of boisterous strangers intent on getting drunk.

As society begins to reopen after a long shutdown due to COVID-19, renewed access to restaurants and bars can provide unnecessary temptations that are hard to resist. The highly skilled team at Alta Loma specializes in teaching people to learn to recognize when alcohol has become a problem in their lives. Whether you struggle with abuse or dependence on alcohol, we can provide professional care in a private setting to help you get your life back on track. We have a multi-faceted approach to recovery that teaches you many aspects of how to change your life in positive ways and not rely on alcohol to get through the day. Our beautiful rural location near Austin, Texas, provides the perfect setting to reboot your life. We provide multiple types of therapy, life skills, and trips off-site to rebuild you into the healthy person you deserve to be. Contact Alta Loma today at (866) 457-3843