Trauma can have an impact on your mental health. You may have difficulty in many areas of your life due to past traumatic experiences. Trauma can be from one incident, longer episodes of abuse or neglect, or complex traumas, which can be from a long series of traumatic experiences. When you experience a traumatic event, you may want to run or fight a potential threat, yet are unable to do so. Your body may have stored additional “flight or fight” energy that creates changes to your mind’s functioning. 

Symptoms of Trauma

Trauma can create a number of symptoms that may affect your overall quality of life. You may experience disturbing or distressing thoughts and flashbacks. You may feel “jumpy” and “on-edge.” You may feel afraid to try new things or form new relationships. The symptoms of trauma can then take things away from your life which could enhance your mental health and stability. When you are feeling afraid to explore new things, you might feel depressed or unfulfilled. When you are feeling on-edge most of the time, you might get anxious often. 

These symptoms can severely impact your overall mental health. You might be using substances or alcohol to lessen the burden or take the edge off. Self-medicating might lead to addiction. You might then have compounded issues, as your mental health and trauma are never addressed. You might experience even more detrimental effects due to your addiction. Hope is possible for those with past traumas. You are not alone and you can treat your underlying conditions to improve your life!

Trauma can have a negative impact on your overall quality of life. The experience of traumatic events can lead to developing mental health issues and addiction to deal with your symptoms. Trauma may also expose a pre-existing mental health issue or trigger mental health symptoms. You can recover from your trauma. There is hope for you if you are struggling with flashbacks or thought disturbances. You may feel like you will always be “on-edge” or “on your guard.” You can learn new ways to cope with your anxiety and calm down when feeling overwhelmed. You deserve to live your best life, free from addiction, and with the tools, you need to deal with your mental health concerns. If you are struggling with traumas in your past that are contributing to your addiction and affecting your mental health, Alta Loma Transformational Services may be able to help. Call us today at (866) 457-3843.