Addiction is a disease that does not discriminate, with the ability to affect any person from a variety of backgrounds, socio-economic classes, races, genders, and more. One group of individuals susceptible to addiction but often left out of modern discourse is those with Asperger’s syndrome. Because of the widespread lack of understanding concerning Asperger’s, those struggling with the disorder and addiction can feel lost. However, treatment is possible to provide a better future full of happiness and enriched life.

Can Symptoms of Asperger’s Lead to Addiction?

Having Asperger’s syndrome does not mean you are on the fast track to addiction later in life. However, it could pose a greater risk of you developing an addiction later on. In early life, those with Asperger’s often spend extended periods by themselves, stick to the same behaviors and routines, and adhere to self-imposed restrictions regarding activities and day-to-day life.

Later on, those with Asperger’s may use drugs and alcohol in an attempt to better relate to others or cope with their own frustrations. As these individuals continue to self-medicate, their tendency to stick to routines can cause them to become trapped in the cycle of addiction as they often struggle with asking for help regarding personal issues.

Treatment Options for Asperger’s and Addiction

Because of the unique symptoms those with Asperger’s experience, many are reluctant to get help because they believe treatment programs are not explicitly designed for them. However, specialized programs that are tailored to an individual’s specific needs and treat co-occurring disorders are excellent options for individuals currently struggling. Treatment may involve cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to help individuals identify unhealthy behaviors and routines to stop ongoing substance abuse and find healing. Behavioral therapy will help the individual learn how to break the routine they have become entangled in. Once this routine is broken, the individual can reach successful recovery.

Asperger’s syndrome and addiction pose a unique experience for individuals that struggle with both. However, you shouldn’t be reluctant to seek treatment, as there are a variety of treatment programs that can address the specific issues you need help with to find healing. Alta Loma Transformational Services offers co-occurring disorder care for men in need of support. Our variety of programs utilize an arsenal of treatment modalities to address your specific recovery needs. To learn more about our programs and facility, call us anytime at (866) 457-3843. Find your path to healing with Alta Loma.