Individuals that have bipolar disorder may go through periods of mania that can significantly affect their lives. Often, mania and addiction coincide and cause further problems. Some studies have found that mania makes individuals more likely to engage in risky behaviors such as drug and alcohol use. Learning about the relationship between mania and addiction can give you a clearer understanding of how they play into each other and how to help yourself if you experience both.


Defining Mania


When individuals enter a manic episode, they often feel excessively euphoric, cheerful, hostile, irritable, or energetic. For some, mania can require hospitalization due to the person being a threat to themselves or others. People in a manic episode are more likely to act impulsively and engage in risky behaviors.


Effects of Addiction on Mania


Mania by itself can cause severe symptoms that may require hospitalization, but coupling these symptoms with drug or alcohol use can exacerbate them. For example, individuals that use methamphetamines will feel effects similar to mania from the drugs. Therefore, a person already in a manic episode can have more severe symptoms while using methamphetamines, causing them to engage in acts that endanger themselves or others. Some individuals who use marijuana during a manic episode may develop acute psychosis with auditory hallucinations, anxiety, dissociation, and irritability.


Treating Mania and Addiction


For a person to successfully recover from a co-occurring disorder of mania and addiction, doctors must give simultaneous care for both conditions. Various medications to stabilize moods are often given to help treat symptoms, but cognitive-behavioral therapy, inpatient care, and other forms of treatment are also offered. Treating both conditions simultaneously provides the patient with a better chance at full recovery because they address the underlying causes of each. When looking for treatment facilities, make sure the one you choose offers co-occurring disorder treatment.


Mania and addiction have an often misunderstood relationship that is widely overlooked. However, more studies are being done to understand this complex relationship to offer individuals comprehensive healing methods. Alta Loma Transformational Services provides the latest comprehensive care techniques to help men struggling with addiction and mental health disorders find healing. We understand how challenging it is to live life with a co-occurring disorder, which is why we offer various therapy programs, educational programs, and more to help patients regain their footing. Call us today to learn more at (866) 457-3843.