Consistency is one of the most important aspects of recovery. When we are creating new and healthy habits to change our lifestyles, we need to be consistent. When we lack consistency, we are not able to form new habits. We are confusing ourselves and we are setting ourselves up for failure. When we remain consistent, we can see the results. When we are not consistent, we can regress or relapse. 

Building Strong Habits

We can build strong habits by creating a routine and having structure. We might also benefit from having accountability. By having a routine, structure, and accountability, we can remain consistent in forming our new habits and engaging in our recovery.

  • Have an organized plan and framework for recovery
  • Structure will help you develop a routine
  • Have a set routine or schedule
  • Make time for yourself and your mental self-care
  • Have others hold you accountable for your actions to help you maintain consistency
  • Have friends in recovery check in on you
  • Ask a coach to mentor you

Structure, routine, and accountability will help us grow and help us stick to our new habits. We might need outside help or treatment to keep us on track, especially during the beginning of our recovery. We also need to keep in mind that we might not see immediate results in our treatment. We may need to remember to trust the process and check-in with ourselves to mark the small victories on a daily basis. By staying consistent in recovery, we can build the habits that will help us create the lives of our dreams.

When we’re in recovery, consistency is key. For any big change in life, we need to be consistent. Otherwise, we might not see the results we desire over time and become discouraged with the process. By having a structure, routine, and accountability, we can help ourselves stay on track during our recovery. Early recovery may be a time when we are most vulnerable to slipping up or making mistakes. We might need support or professionals to help us stay on the right track. We might also need a safe environment to build our new habits. Alta Loma Transformational Services is here for men struggling with addiction that is related to underlying mental health issues. We have many different approaches to treatment and provide a structured environment for you to begin healing. The life you deserve is waiting for you. Call us today at (866) 457-3843 to get started on your recovery journey.