During your treatment for mental health and addiction, you can benefit from taking an individualized approach to your recovery. When you find the treatment plan that works best for you, you might start to see better results and higher rates of success. You are the center of your treatment. You are the one who understands your conditions better than anyone else. Treatment centers that focus on empowering clients to make their own decisions in recovery may be helpful to you in finding your own path.

We All Have Our Preferences

A treatment approach that works for one person may not work for another. You might have particular preferences that influence your treatment planning. You may respond best to one approach while another is not helpful. When you are empowered to make choices in recovery, you may feel that you have more control over your treatment. By having more control and autonomy in treatment, you might feel more engaged, as your preferences are being honored and valued.

Being Open-Minded

You may be unsure of what you want in treatment if you are new to the process of addiction recovery. You might benefit from keeping an open mind about your treatment. Some approaches may seem different to you; however, sometimes, unconventional approaches can have the best results. Recovery has come a long way and multiple aspects of your life can come into play for overall health and wellness. Be open to trying new things and see what works and what does not. You know yourself the best and if something does not work, discuss your concerns with your treatment team to find new options that can work for you. 

Treatment planning can be complex. Sometimes, we may feel like we have very little say in the direction of our recovery. We might not respond to certain treatment modalities, yet we feel like these are “pushed onto” us by our treatment team. We may also have been trying traditional approaches with little to no results. When we have hit a wall in our recovery or are new to treatment, we might need to explore our options. We may need to try new things to find the right approaches to our recovery. We know what works best for us and can be empowered to make choices that help us in recovery. At Alta Loma Transformational Services, we encourage our clients to find their own path. We believe that individualized approaches to recovery are best. For more information about our programs for recovery from mental illness and addiction, call (866) 457-3843 today. Hope is possible and you deserve to live your best life!