Volunteer work can benefit both the person accepting help and the one offering help. When you volunteer, you can find purpose in giving your time and talent to others. Finding purpose in recovery can help you maintain your sobriety and mental wellness. You can find purpose by helping others and building connections within your community. Volunteering can also provide other benefits. You can further explore your interests in specific areas or build your job skills for future employment. You can also connect with others and find employment references if you are currently looking for a new job.

Where to Look for Volunteer Work

You can do many different things as a volunteer. You can find opportunities by conducting research on the internet, inquiring at a local community center, or talking with staff members at a library. You might even find opportunities at local shelters, therapeutic horseback riding centers, or non-profit organizations. You can volunteer during support groups or other 12-step programs, perhaps by leading a group or providing outreach for others who are struggling.

Finding Purpose in Recovery

When you find purpose, you might feel like you have a reason to get out of bed each morning. You can push through some of the challenging aspects of recovery by reminding yourself that others depend on you. By volunteering, you can explore your interests and find your purpose. When you help others, you will often find connections and appreciation that can help you feel fulfilled. Start to discover your purpose by looking into volunteering opportunities!

Finding purpose is an important aspect of recovery from addiction and mental health disorders. Having a purpose can give you a reason to get out of bed each morning and feel like you are involved in helping the lives of others. You can start to find purpose by finding volunteer work and getting involved in your community. Volunteer work can help you explore your interests while helping others. You may have a special talent or passion that you can follow by volunteering. You might also be involved in a support group and you can lead a group session. Plenty of volunteer opportunities are out there for those who are interested. You can inquire within your community or research online. At Alta Loma, we believe that once our residents have reached Phase Two, they are ready for volunteer or employment opportunities. We can help you with your recovery. Call us today at (866) 457-3843