You may think that depression simply means being sad all the time. The truth is that depression has several less apparent symptoms. By discovering the hidden signs of depression, you will know when it is time to seek treatment.

Why Does Not Having an Opinion Mean You Are Depressed?

You may not have an opinion about everything someone talks about. Still, you should be able to come up with meaningful responses in the course of conversation. What may prevent you from expressing an opinion is a fear of rejection. People give you the idea that your thoughts do not matter, and you start to believe it. This causes you to stay silent during discussions. You may hold back who you really are if you think you are not worthy of having an opinion. If you want more people to understand you, you have to open up and express yourself.

Why Does Not Having a Care Mean You Are Depressed?

It is important to let ourselves feel emotion. You may be asked for your opinion on certain things, and your go-to answer is always “I don’t care.” Constantly saying you do not care about anything is dishonest, and diminishes the things you want. This can lead to inner conflict with ourselves because we have an opinion, but are choosing not to express it.

Why Does Having No Purpose Mean You Are Depressed?

If we feel like we have no opinions about anything, it’s hard to feel like life has a purpose. We need to wake up in the morning feeling like we are going to get something accomplished. You are not living to your fullest if you do not have an idea of what your purpose in the world is. This shows that communication is an essential part of life. We cannot be afraid to open up to others and say what is on our minds. Holding back will not make you any happier, and people will miss out on your great personality. Self-expression will help you feel much better about yourself and about life in general. 

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