After all of the binge drinking that occurred on New Year’s Eve, there is a period called Dry January. This is when people vow to stay away from alcohol for a whole month. By learning about the health benefits you can acquire from staying away from alcohol for a whole month, you can keep this up permanently. 

How Does Dry January Put You in a Better Mood?

A lot of people drink to mask the feelings of depression and anxiety. Ironically, alcohol makes these feelings worse. Stopping drinking may not cure your anxiety or depression, but those feelings will not intensify once you abstain. You will be able to better understand why you are drinking in the first place. This will put you in a clear head space to speak with a doctor or therapist. Exercising or spending time in nature will put you in a better mood without alcohol wearing you down. 

How Does Dry January Help You Sleep Better?

Alcohol may pass you out, but it can also cause you to constantly wake up in the middle of the night. The National Sleep Foundation says that the sleep-inducing chemical adenosine causes you to crash in your sleep all activated by alcohol. Drinking moderate or high amounts of alcohol will decrease restorative REM sleep. By giving up alcohol for a month, you will be able to sleep soundly and have more energy to dedicate for the upcoming year.

How Does Dry January Save You Money?

Wine can cost about $10-$15 a glass and buying cases of beer all the time is not cheap either. Imagine what the price of going out to dinner is without alcohol. You may feel a little uncomfortable at first when you are in social situations and you do not order alcohol. You can still order water, soda, or sparkling water and still not rack up the bill. Your friends will understand your need to save money by not adding unnecessary beverages to the bill.

How Do You Have a Successful Dry January?

Instead of pouring a drink after work, change the routine by running errands or making dinner. Develop a new gym habit with your newfound energy. Find a new way to cope with your mental health issues by going into another room, read, or call your therapist. By having a successful Dry January, you will be inspired to keep it up all year.

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