When we talk about treatment for mental health and addiction recovery, sober living homes often enter the conversation a bit later. Nevertheless, they’re an incredibly important aspect of recovery that each person should consider for themselves. Sober living homes are defined as facilities used by those recovering from substance abuse that serve as a transitional space between rehabilitation and re-entering life at home. They’re typically for those who have completed a residential treatment program for a period of time and feel ready to embark on their new journey in “the real world.” The reason why sober living homes work well is that they traditionally provide more support than a person would receive without it while also promoting independence that a person needs to thrive on their own.

Assistance with Employment

Previous research studies have found that sober living homes actually increase a person’s chances of employment. This is because of the support that’s provided, in addition to the practical knowledge that can be applied through interviews and the workplace. Sober living environments remind residents of their goals while maintaining a structured lifestyle. Rather than feeling like one is on their own in terms of finding a job, sober living homes can help ease that discomfort and provide the information a person needs to thrive.

Reinforcing Sobriety

While a person may have friends and family who support their recovery at home, there’s something uniquely special about receiving support from people who completely and thoroughly understand the process of recovery. One of the most commonly talked about fears when it comes to addiction recovery is relapse. However, sober living homes provide the information, support, and services needed for individuals to feel comfortable transitioning without all the added pressure of figuring it out on their own. Instead of suddenly being thrown “out at sea” when it comes to sobriety, they’ll have a constant team of support who will reinforce the very goals that the person is trying to accomplish in recovery.

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