When a person starts talking and they sound jittery, anxious, or very excited, it means that they are experiencing a flight of ideas. This is normally a symptom for those with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Anyone experiencing a flight of ideas means that you have a mental illness that needs to be treated to help relieve them of their symptoms.

What is Important to Look for in a Flight of Ideas?

Watch out for these symptoms if you are more talkative than usual. They are also easily distracted and only function on a few hours of sleep. They may look “wired” or overly confident. Experiencing these symptoms means they are having a manic episode. It is like when you strike up a conversation with another person and they continue to speak quickly. You feel like the person is rambling and going through a string of topics really fast. Flight of ideas occurs with people with schizophrenia during an episode of psychosis. The listener hears a jumble of words or phrases without getting to the point.

Why Does a Flight of Ideas Occur?

People with bipolar disorder experience the highs and lows. The highs are manic episodes and the lows are depressive episodes. These cycles can happen quickly or they can be more spread out. When you are experiencing a manic episode, a flight of ideas can occur.

How Do You Cope with a Flight of Ideas?

You should first identify the triggers that might send off a manic episode so that you can work on avoiding them. Make sure that your friends and family are able to recognize the signs of a manic episode so that they can better help you. Exercising and meditation can help you better relax and make you feel more centered. 

When is it Time to See a Doctor About These Symptoms?

If you do not have bipolar disorder or schizophrenia and you are experiencing a flight of ideas, you might just be dealing with anxiety. Stress reduction techniques like deep breathing can help you calm down. If you have a family history of these conditions or you have been diagnosed, speak to your doctor. Having a flight of ideas may not be considered as a health risk, but a sign that you have a mental health condition. Do not let having a flight of ideas go ignored as it is a sign you need treatment.

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