When we’re faced with a traumatic event, stress kicks in. The hippocampus (the area of the brain that stores memories) holds onto the trauma of what happened even years after the event occurred. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a very serious condition that can develop in a person soon after a traumatic event, and it can take over a person’s life if treatment isn’t sought. Characterized by nightmares, paranoia, anxiety, depression, anger, and more, PTSD can be incredibly debilitating. At the time, PTSD can leave a person with little hope and that’s when mental disorders and alcoholism can creep in as well.

In our society today, alcohol consumption is considered an easy way to relax, unwind, and deal with stressors. When a person abuses alcohol in an attempt to “deal” or “manage” challenging emotions, this is called self-medication. Even though it may feel like a few drinks might help to lessen that anxiety or other symptom, it’s only a temporary fix. Unfortunately, the symptoms of PTSD can come flooding right back, only for that person to be right back where they started.

Co-occurring disorders can make recovery more challenging, especially as each disorder can exacerbate symptoms of the other. However, the right form of treatment can assist a person in overcoming both disorders and begin their life of sobriety and recovery. Of course, it takes some time for a person to effectively work through the deep-rooted issues of their past. Luckily, with regular attendance of 12-Step programs, active participation in recovery, and a consistent support system, recovery is possible.

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