It is important to know who to go to when you need a diagnosis for your mental illness and for therapy. While psychologists and counselors are in the same field, their jobs require different functions. By understanding the distinction between a psychologist and a counselor, you will know who to go to for your needs.

Why Do You See a Psychologist?

Psychologists have hands-on experience treating mental illness whether you have depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, etc. Psychologists can help you develop coping skills for your condition since they are trained to know everything about it. They have researched mental illnesses and have worked in places like hospitals or have had interactions with a diverse number of people with different mental illnesses. If you are wondering why it is hard for you to function through life, a psychologist can help you figure out what it is. A psychologist will help you figure out what you have once you diagnose the symptoms and help you manage the condition. 

Why Do You See a Counselor?

Seeing a counselor can help you cope with everyday issues you may be experiencing. You do not need to have a mental illness. It can be for everyday concerns like if you are having problems with your friends or family. Counselors have the gift of seeing both sides of the story and can help you figure out a solution. You can learn things about yourself that you did not know, like if the issues you are facing today are a result of past trauma. Life can be hard for anyone and you do not have to suffer alone. A counselor cares about your mental health and will help you work through it.

Why Would People Pick Online Counseling?

Online counseling can be convenient for you if you have a busy schedule and prefer to speak to a counselor in the comforts of your home. With online counseling, you can speak to either a psychologist or a counselor. You can access online therapy from anywhere with a viable internet connection. The truth is that it does not matter how you receive help or if it is a psychologist or counselor that you pick. The point is that you receive help and know that you are not alone.

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