There are not always ‘right’ choices but there are better choices. Ones that help you get closer to your goals and support your journey of healing. Every day is a choice, with thousands of choices to be made in each moment. While nobody is perfect or makes the best choices at every turn, there certainly are moments of making better choices than others. With addiction, it seems like there are more bad choices than good, but there is hope in recovery. Learning to make good choices, and make it a habit, takes time and persistence with the right support.

A Dignified Choice

People with addiction often make poor choices because their judgment is limited and focus is narrow. Addiction to substances or behaviors can cloud perspective. To make better choices, it is important to quit substance use and begin the journey of recovery. Dignified choices begin with honoring self-control and feeling worthy of respect. Facing tough choices means knowing if something will put them at risk of relapse, will honor their self-control, and ultimately help them thrive.

Choosing Joy

It may seem difficult to choose something like joy because it is hard to know what happiness means in the midst of addiction. Every person has a spirit and intellect and a body. They can choose how they treat themselves and others but they can also choose their thoughts. It is difficult to focus on happiness and joy when substances cloud the mind.

Addiction can take hold and it feels like that brings happiness, but it really brings destruction and poverty of relationship. Even when a person does not feel like it, they can choose to get up, one more day, and focus on healing from addiction in recovery. With lots of support, this is the best way forward possible.


Joining the legion of people who choose recovery means owning the belief a person’s self-worth is important. The beauty of it all is, even if a slip up happens, a good choice is on the horizon. There is always an opportunity to turn back and do better. The past cannot be done over but the future is yet undetermined. Resetting the mind and belief system around making better choices today is what will help people in recovery move forward. To start making positive choices:

  • Choose today
  • Release past choices
  • Make amends to those harmed
  • Be reminded every day is a chance to start over with help from others
  • Reach out when things get tough
  • Work on the mind-body connection

It is difficult to focus on recovery unless the mind is right. Recovery groups, programs, and tools help people respond more positively to their environment and focus on healing in recovery. The right treatment program can help regain composure and focus on addiction recovery.

There are also tools that can help a person navigate healing if they are ready to utilize them. With support from loved ones, they are more likely to decide better choices are worth it and begin taking steps to get there. The choice is up to them.

At Alta Loma Transformational Living, we help you learn the power of choice. If you make the choice to get treatment, there is no guarantee you will not relapse but we will give you the tools and support you need to make choices to help you get sober and stay sober. Call us if you are ready to make the choice to get treatment today: 866-457-3843.